Monday, November 23, 2009

How to Conduct Effective Meetings

I have been to many, many board meetings. For the most part, we accomplish what is on the agenda. This does not mean they were good meetings...

I stumbled upon a web-site in searching for resources for my visitors looking to improve their meetings. The Community Associations Network is an American website and although much of the information presented there does not work here in Ontario (legislative and legal differences), there is still a wealth of resources one can refer to. They have an educational video on how to hold effective board meetings. It is presented from the board’s point of view and management does not play a part. It is an excellent video that all boards should review. If there is a computer in the management office, I suggest they watch it as part of a meeting.

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  1. Hidden agendas and meeting control.

    Our manager, an ACMO2000 member sends out the meeting template, the friday for the the Monday meeting.

    The first thing that became the norm was the removal of "Additions and Acceptance of Agenda". This comes from the "what are you gonna do about it school of management". The entire meeting becomes a surprise, and hundreds of thousands of dollars get spent on the whims that come up under "new business".

    Where did ACMO come up with that one?

  2. If your board does not like the agenda, then change it. I'm not sure how this can be considered an "ACMO" issue.